Apply to Participate in the Inquiry

If you are interested in participating in the Inquiry proceedings, review the Ministerial Order (Terms of Reference) for the Inquiry before submitting your completed application form.

Applications can be submitted to the Antigonish Justice Centre, 11 James St., Antigonish, NS , faxed to 902-863-7479 or by e-mail at

Participation (Standing) Hearings

Applicants and their counsel, if they are represented, are also expected to attend a hearing to answer any questions the Judge may have about their application. Each applicant will be given the opportunity to explain why they should be allowed to participate in the Inquiry as an interested person within the Terms of Reference set out in the Minister’s Order.

The participation hearings help to ensure the Inquiry has all the relevant information to make decisions relating to participation. Applicants will also learn of the interest of other potential parties in an open and transparent process that the public is entitled to attend.

Following the hearings, the Judge will decide who will be permitted to participate in the Inquiry and any limitations. The applicants will be notified and the decisions will be posted on the Inquiry website.

How to apply

Fill out the application form. Each person applying must complete a separate application form.

Download the application form

You can submit your printed form by email, fax or email.


Scan your completed form and email it to


Complete your form and fax it to 902-863-7479, attention Elise Levangie.


Mail your completed form to:

Desmond Fatality Inquiry
Antigonish Justice Centre
11 James St.
Antigonish NS B2G 1R6